signed & numbered limited edition
.framed giclée print:
approx 14" W x 29" H
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© CPizer
The originals are basswood panels whose surfaces have been "etched" by training the sun's rays through a magnifying lens which produces a tiny laser-like beam… when focused on the wood, the resulting "laser" burns the wood's surface. Reliant on weather conditions & difficult to control, the process is time-consuming & painstaking, often requiring several days, or even weeks, to complete. Although this medium has been in practice for centuries, it remains uncommon in the artworld. Pizer's keen eye for design is immediately evident in his inspired, imaginative output. Marked by bold contrast & nuance, his work is compelling, exotic, powerful, evocative, graceful, sensual, & provocative. With his highly distinctive, eye-popping creations, Pizer has raised the bar & elevated the artform to a new level.

Giclée prints are the result of technological advancements in the world of printmaking, permitting high quality prints that are even exhibited in museums & art galleries. These giclée prints are the product of high resolution digital scans of the original artwork which have been printed by a wide-format, 12-color inkjet printer using archival-quality inks on fine art paper.

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Solar Pyrography / Solar Art of Charles Pizer
solar pyrography